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Lots and lots of recent updates! Agendae and minutes from eleven years worth of meetings were added dating from 1982 to 1990. Only six (6) more years of archives to go (dating back to 1976)!! Minutes and other meeting documents were added to the February 2019 meeting as well as the agenda for the April 2019 meeting. The March-April 2019 Vizsla Voice was uploaded; this is entirely in colour!! ALL of these documents are located in the VSO Members' Area and only available only to members in good standing of the club. Our Events page was updated and includes links to our Spring Field Test (May 4-5th) premium and to our Specialty Show (June 9th) flyer.

The photo and titles of the 2018 Tibor Reiter Award Recipient - "Bodi" - were added to the Tibor Recipients of the 2010's decade. Bodi is shown below.

Bodi collage

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