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There are currently no Vizslas needing rehoming.
Updates - 2019

August 10/19 ~ After two weeks of being fostered with experienced Vizsla owners and club members, Beau joined his new family Liam and Rebecca Cragg (VSO members) and their two female Vizslas on a large farm in eastern Ontario.  Thanks to the many folks who applied to adopt him.  The fostering period allowed us to witness Beau's energy and behaviour and to better understand what his needs were; there were some issues not reported or witnessed earlier and that made it more of a challenge to find the right home.   We were very grateful to the foster home for taking him in and we are confident his adopters are prepared to take on and deal with these challenges. 

Updates - 2018

November 25/18 ~  Griffin went to his new home to live with VSO Members Hans and Johanna Handke and another 6.5 yr old Vizsla in the country-side of SW Ontario.

November 10/18 ~ Stanley, the special-needs Vizsla has been adopted! 

August 22/18 ~ Norman, the handsome 2-year old male Vizsla, found a new home with Tracey and Paul Craig of Georgetown ON.  Sadly, due to an undiscovered or undisclosed aggression issue, Norman had to be euthanized two months later following increased serious aggression and several unprovoked bites and attempted biting incidents occurred.  He was deemed to be unsafe in the presence of humans.  





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