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Darn COVID-19!

As a result of the situation in Ontario, Canada regarding the spread of COVID-19 and its more contagious variants, many clubs, including ours, have cancelled or postponed various in-person, indoor and outdoor events. Our May 15-16 CKC tests for Pointing Breeds had to be cancelled due to the extension of Ontario's stay-at-home order and restrictions banning outdoor gatherings. Our tests have been rescheduled to September 18-19, 2021.

Usually, we would hold our Specialty Show in conjunction with the Erie Shores Kennel Club's all breed shows but they have cancelled their 2021 shows, meaning we are unable to host a specialty show in June. It's remotely possible we might be able to organize something for the fall but it's impossible to plan without knowing if any of the all-breed shows are doing to be able to hold events. So stay tuned.

Fun Day 2021. The Board made the difficult decision to cancel this event, originally scheduled for June 27th at Maplelane Farm Event Centre. However, we also learned the farm is up for sale so we will have to find a new venue. We are really sad about this because this was such a great spot!! Maybe we can do something in the fall if things improve.

We are obviously not happy about the situation but no dog event is worth risking one's life for. So please stay at home, wear a mask, and get vaccinated! The sooner we can all be vaccinated, the sooner society will be able to open up again.


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