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2020 Fall Field Test Report

September 12-13, 2020

Special thanks to everyone who sent in entries and especially to those who volunteered and to everyone who followed the safety protocols!!! We could not have done this event without you, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. On behalf of the Board and the entire VSO membership, these folks are to be heartily commended and thanked for everything they did to help run this test:

Test Secretary - Laura Wright

Field Marshal - Jane Morgan

Bird Planters - Dave Fansolato, Mark Clem, Gary Krammer, Jeff Paluska, Ogi Dolobic, and Victor Pshenychna

Gunners: Don Hillis and Ed Gacnik

Judges: Terri Corneil, Craig McDonald, Keri Morris, Tammy Parris

All told, we had 57 entries for the three tests. Last year was the first time we offered the 3-test weekend, and it was an attraction and so we offered it again this fall. Several dogs completed their titles over the weekend and received new title rosettes! Congratulations to the following VSO members whose Vizslas earned new Field Dog Junior titles!

Kobi, Smooth Vizsla, Eileen Wilkes

Phoebe, Smooth Vizsla, Rachael Chadwick

Rez, Smooth Vizsla, Sylvia Dorosh

Rhu, Wirehaired Vizsla, Stella Barnett

Siren, Smooth Vizsla, Mary-Ellen Harvey

Sterling, Smooth Vizsla, Eileen Wilkes

Viva, Smooth Vizsla, Karyn Worley

Sylvia Dorosh, Field Chair


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