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Volunteers 2021 - 2022

Here are our hard-working and dedicated volunteers. 

Davis profile2.jpg
Membership Coordinator - Caroline Davis

Caroline took over managing the membership records in January 2021. ​ She is also a VSO Director.
Conformation Show Chair - Eileen Wilkes

Eileen has been involved with Vizslas for many years and is also a breeder.  She has served as a VSO Board member in the past.  Eileen is very active in conformation and also trains and competes with her dogs in field.  She has been our show chair sine 2018.

Barb Gelb graphics designer.jpg
Layout Artist / Designer - Barb Gelb

Barb attended the Ontario College of Art & Design. Upon graduating she began a career in the advertising industry in Toronto and later joined the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Now retired, Barb volunteers for various organizations in the Niagara area and joined the VSO in 2019 after welcoming home ‘Lake’ her first Vizsla. Barb has designed the Vizsla Voice since November 2019 and also enjoyed designing the 2021 Rescue Calendar. 

Sylvia Dorosh P1240319-002_edited.jpg
Editor - Sylvia Dorosh

Sylvia began as VSO Editor in September 2009.  She announced in 2019 that she wanted to step down effective January 2020 and is still hoping someone will step forward to replace her! 

Davis profile2.jpg
Awards Coordinator (Obi & Tibor) - Caroline Davis

Caroline assumed the responsibilities for the Obi Field Award in 2017 and took over the administration of the Tibor Versatility Award in 2019.

Newsletter Mailing - Thom Sloan

Thom became a new VSO member (2021) on the death of his wife, Verena who was a VSO member for many years.  They have bred Vizslas and other dogs for years.  Thom took on this task in June 2021.   

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