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Activities & Events


The VSO organizes and hosts different types of activities and events throughout the year.  

  • Occasional seminars or workshops

  • Annual General Meeting

  • Rescue Calendar sales

  • Fun Day

  • Informal meet ups and walks

  • Two types of licensed events under the Cdn Kennel Club (CKC):

  1. Specialty conformation shows for Vizslas where judges evaluate how well dogs conform to the written breed standard, which describes what a breed should look and be structured like.  The club hosts an annual specialty show as well as a 'booster' show (supported entry) and offers prizes at each. For more information, please visit our Events page. 

  2. Field tests for CKC-recognized pointing breeds. These are non-competitive tests that assess a dog’s ability to find and point upland game.​ The club usually organizes two tests per year, a spring and a fall test.


Please see our Events page for a calendar of upcoming deadlines, submissions and events.

Annual Rescue Calendar

Each year the club produces a calendar featuring stunning coloured photos of Vizslas owned by our members. The proceeds from the sale of these calendars (which usually sell out very quickly) go to supporting our Rescue program

2020 Calendar cover.jpg
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