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About the VSO

Who Are We?

The Vizsla Society of Ontario (VSO) is for all lovers and owners of the Vizsla breeds, both smooth and wirehaired.  We encourage anyone with a Vizsla to join and be a part of our community!


The club welcomes everyone to become a member, no matter whether you are a 'pet owner' or if you compete in dog sports.  It's all about learning more about Vizslas, enjoying the breed, and having a ton of fun with your dog!!  

The VSO:

  • holds events:  conformation shows, field tests, seminars, workshops, meet ups & walks, annual Fun Day

  • produces a bi-monthly newsletters for its members

  • has a variety of awards for which members can apply. 


The club produces a bi-monthly newsletter in printed form that is sent to all members.  In addition, an electronic version (usually in colour) is also posted to our Members Area. We have e-versions of our newsletter going back several years for the interest and enjoyment of our members.

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The club was established in 1976 as the Vizsla Society of Canada to preserve, protect and promote the Vizsla breed.  It was later renamed the Vizsla Society of Ontario (VSO) on April 2, 1978 to avoid confusion with the then Vizsla Club of Canada [now defunct].  The VSO was incorporated on November 17, 2009 as a not-for-profit organization.  ​

It's a member of and licensed by The Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) to hold conformation events and pointing dog tests. Its jurisdiction is Ontario, Canada and it officially represents both the Smooth and Wirehaired Vizslas.  The club is entirely run by volunteers.​

Constitution / Bylaws / Code of Conduct

A new Constitution and set of Bylaws were approved in 2020. A new Members' Code of Conduct was approved by the Board in May 2019.  A Volunteers' Code of Conduct was developed for Board members and implemented in May 2016.

Code of Conduct (2019)

Constitution and Bylaws (2020)

Constitution / Bylaws
Past Bylaws
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