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VSO Awards

The VSO currently has 2 award programs.
  1. Tibor Reiter Versatility Award
  2. Obi Field Award
Tibor Award
Tibor Reiter Versatility Award

​A perpetual trophy award named after Tibor Reiter, a gentleman who, although not a member of the Vizsla Society of Ontario, donated the trophy to the VSO and stipulated that the trophy was to be awarded on an annual basis to the most versatile Vizsla.  The award was established in 1979 and first presented in 1980. The trophy is intended to encourage VSO members to participate in as many disciplines and sports as possible with their Vizslas. The Vizsla with the highest number of points in a given year is awarded the trophy and will have its name added to the trophy, receive a keeper plaque and be featured on the front cover of the March-April club newsletter.  New sports and some new titles were added for 2019 and some points were adjusted up or down. 

Tibor Reiter Application Form

Tibor Reiter Award Recipients with Photos

List of Previous Tibor Reiter Recipients





Obi Award

The Obi Field Award was established in 2017 in loving memory of “Obi” (Vizslavilla’s Obi Wan Kenobi born January 29, 2014), owned by member Mark Clem and which sadly died at too young an age. The trophy was donated to the VSO by member Mark Clem and is to be awarded to a young Vizsla, 24 months of age and younger, with the highest field test scores in a calendar year.  As of 2023, qualifying scores now include CKC Pointing Dog Tests, NAVHDA, NSTRA placements, and CKC Water Dog Tests.

Information and Requirements

Application for Obi Field Award

Obi Award Recipients with Photos

Obi Field Award
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