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It's imperative that anyone wishing to buy a Vizsla RESEARCH the breed and, in particular, research the breeders producing puppies. Not all breeders are reputable; not all breeders are quality breeders. 

Breeding / Puppies

Puppy Buyer Beware (we urge you to download and read this document) as well as carefully read the following.

Responsible Vizsla breeders will do the following:

  1. Adhere to the Vizsla Society of Ontario’s Code of Ethics, the Code of Practice of the Canadian Kennel Club (if they reside in Canada) and/or the Vizsla Club of America (VCA) Code of Ethics if they are members of the national breed club of the United States.

  2. Breed to the CKC Breed Standard for the Vizsla. See the Resources page for copies of the breed standards.

  3. Test and ensure Vizsla breeding stock is certified cleared of hip dysplasia after two years of age prior to mating and receives an OFA clearance Certificate (with numbers) from the Orthopedic Foundation of Animals (OFA) as well as test, and ensure their Vizsla is certified clear of eye problems with a certificate from OFA / CERF .

  4. Show / provide copies of health certificates to prospective buyers.

  5. Ideally follow the breed-specific recommendations for health testing by the Canine Health Center (CHIC) for Vizslas. CHIC certificates (with numbers) are issued to Vizslas tested for hip dysplasia (OFA), thyroid and eyes (CERF). Optional testing includes sebaceous adenitis, von Willebrand's Disease, congenital cardiac disease and elbow dysplasia. These health records may also be found on the OFA website. Some breeders use the PennHIP evaluation to test for hip dysplasia.

  6. Know the pedigrees of their own dogs well and share pedigree information (e.g,. health and temperament going back several generations) with prospective buyers. Search for a pedigree.

  7. Provide a reason for the mating; e.g., can explain why a particular breeding seeks to improve upon the dam's and sire's characteristics.

  8. Introduce you to their Vizsla family and show you where a litter is being whelped and raised.

  9. Provide references from other breeders, buyers, etc.

  10. Provide a written agreement / contract for your review prior to the sale and a copy after the sale.

  11. Provide a written health guarantee.

  12. Promise (in writing) to take back your puppy at any time of its life or be involved and approve a new home.

  13. Provide CKC (or AKC) registration papers, a signed written agreement and a veterinary health certificate for the puppy / dog upon sale.

  14. Provide support to their buyers for the lifetime of the dog.

Please visit our Resources page for other helpful links on selecting a breeder and what to look for in a breeder.


The VSO's Breeders' List is composed of members of the Vizsla Society of Ontario who have been a member for a year or more and are in good standing.  The VSO does not endorse or recommend any particular breeder.  It's up to the buyer to ask a lot of questions of and research each breeder.  If you follow our Puppy Buyer Beware document, the list above, plus other resources we provide, you should find a good breeder.

When applying to be listed on the VSO's Breeder's List, breeders complete an application certifying that at a minimum, they do the following: 

  • ensure their breeding stock meets the written breed standard

  • test and clear for hip dysplasia, heritable eye problems, and thyroid disease

  • provide written agreements that include:

    • a health guarantee

    • lifetime support to all dogs they breed

    • a provision that puppies be returned to them.


The VSO has a written Code of Conduct for Breeders Applying for the Breeders' List.

If you learn that a VSO breeder on our list is not complying, please use our contact form to email us. 


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