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Lots of Great Reasons to be join the VSO!
  • 6 terrific newsletters per year with tons of information about Vizslas, health issues, history, training, etc.

  • Activities (social, workshops, training, CKC field tests, CKC specialty conformation show, etc.)

  • Fun Day!

  • Awards - field trophy, versatility trophy, versatility certificate programs

  • Preferred rates to VSO hosted events such as Fun Day, workshops, seminars, Rescue Calendar and online merchandise

  • Connect with other Vizsla owners & share the passion and love for our breed!


  • Single 1 vote, 1 newsletter

  • Family  2 votes, 1 newsletter

  • Single Annual     $35     

  • Family Annual     $40 

  • Pro-rated Single  $17  July 1 – December 31

  • Pro-rated Family  $20 July 1 – December 31

NEW MEMBERS: Members must be age 18 or older.  New members are probationary for 1 year.

RENEWALS:  Membership renewals are due January 1 and must be paid before March 1st, otherwise membership lapses. If your membership has lapsed, you must re-apply as a NEW MEMBER.

The membership year runs from January 1 to December 31.

Your New Puppy Owners
  • Help your new puppy owners get a good start in life.

  • Purchase a one-year membership for your new puppy owners for only $20. 

  • Use the Puppy Buyer's Application to buy memberships.

  • You don't have to be on our Breeder's List to do this.  This is a feature available to ALL breeder/members.

  • The form can only be used by breeders.

Online Breeders' Directory

If you wish to apply for an online listing as a breeder, click here. You must be in good standing with the club and not probationary. New members are prohibited from applying for the Breeders' Directory until they have completed their one-year probationary period. The annual fee is $25 and it is not prorated.

Breeder: New Puppy Owners
Reasons to Join

Application Forms

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