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2018 Specialty Show

Plans are being finalized for our 2018 Specialty Show for Smooth and Wirehaired Vizslas!

Date? Sunday June 3, 2018

Time? TBA

Where? Caledonia ON in conjunction with the Erie Shores Kennel Club's all breed dog shows

Closing date & time? 8 PM, Monday, May 14, 2018

Show Secretary: MJN Show Services

Premium List: TBA

Our judges:

  • Specialty Classes: Frank Kane (UK)

  • Puppy & Veteran Sweepstakes: Wayne Cavanaugh (USA)

  • Jr. Handling: Kelly Hatt (CA)

We need your donations to our Trophy (Prize) Fund! Please pay it back or pay it forward by donating. All donors will be acknowledged in our club newsletter, the Vizsla Voice.

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