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First Obi Field Award Recipient

The VSO is pleased to announce and congratulate the first recipient of the Obi Field Award. The award is for 2017.

Ch Bonneterre Naya Sassy Girl FDJ "Sassy"

bred and owned by Ray Rowan

The VSO received 4 applicants for this trophy from the owners of 4 very talented doggies.

Ch Bonneterre Naya Sassy Girl FDJ, "Sassy", owned by Ray Rowan. 301

GCh Vizslavillanaya Jediwarrior RM NA FDJ, "Remy Martin", owned by Mark Clem. 300 pts

Vizslavilla's Budy FDJ, "Buddy" owned by Ogi Dolibic. 276 pts

Chakra's Louis Le Grand, "Louis" owned by Rob and Micheline Higgins 185 pts

It was a very close run, but by a very slim margin of just 1 point, "Sassy" was the top scoring Vizsla. Congratulations to Ray and Sassy and to all the applicants who are to be commended for engaging in a sport for which the Vizsla was bred.

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