2015 Specialty Show Results

June 8, 2015


The 2015 regional specialty was held on the 7th of June 2015 at the Erie Shores Kennel Club show in Caledonia Ontario. We had an entry of 30 Smooths and 4 Wirehairs for the specialty and 16 Smooths, 1 Wirehair in the sweepstakes. Our judges for the day were Ms. Genevieve Munro (Georgetown, Ont.), Sweepstakes, and Ms. Carolyn Cedarman (Drury, New Zealand), Specialty.


The weather was perfect for everyone, the sun was shining but it did not get terribly hot. The club put us in a ring separate from the all breed show, allowing more room for spectators and a little more privacy. It was also near the arena for those wishing to watch or participate in obedience that day as well. We had 2 Vizslas competing in Rally and Obedience over the weekend, with one qualifying score on Saturday.


The specialty began at 11 AM with our new secretary Linda Friendly welcoming everyone and thanking all our exhibitors.  Puppy sweepstakes for the Smooth Vizslas went first followed by the Wirehair entry. The specialty classes ran smoothly and the judge did a thorough job. After the regular classes were completed the non-regular classes were judged, followed by the Wirehair specialty classes.


Refreshments were served throughout the specialty for spectators and competitors and were well received as always.  An excellent raffle was presented with a big thank you to member and Past President Terri Corneil for organizing it for this year. There were many great donations from members and businesses this year to keep everyone interested and buying tickets and $485 was raised!


Judging was completed just before 2:30; the judges and ring steward were thanked and the crowd dispersed.  We hope everyone enjoyed the specialty this year and hopefully we will see many of the competitors and spectators back again in 2016. We would like to send out a huge Thank-You to the wonderful members and breed fanciers who donated to our trophy fund, the spectators, entrants and especially the many volunteers who helped pull this event off.




Best in Specialty

Ch Toldin’s True to Tradition, B/O:Frank and Martha Lacko


Best of Opposite Sex in Specialty

Ch Lienroc Riversong Echo FDJ, B/O:Terri & Greg Corneil


Best of Winners/Winners Dog/Best Puppy

Witzke’s Midsummer Night’s Dream of Truffles, B/O: Denis Witzke


Winners Bitch

Ourdream Kelgerri PlaynWitFire, B: Kevin & Mary-Ellen Harvey, O: Kelly Gerritsen, Mary-Ellen Harvey


Reserve Winners Dog

Toldin’s Treasure of my Heart, B/O: Frank & Martha Lacko


Reserve Winners Bitch

Witzke’s Crumpet is All’s Well That Ends Well, B/O: Denis Witzke


Select Dog

GCh Lienroc Indiana Echoes FDJ, B: Terri & Greg Corneil, O: J. Simpson, A. Dyck, T & G Corneil


Select Bitch

Ch Ferngold Right on Target

B: Eileen Wilkes & Ross Woolford; O: Eileen Wilkes


Award of Merit

GCh Ourdream’s Red Sky at Night FDJ, B/O: Kevin & Mary-Ellen Harvey


Best Veteran

Ferngold Dashing Dexter FDJ, B: Eileen Wilkes, O: Magda Iglewski & Rob Gauthier


Best Baby Puppy

VizslaVilla’s She’s Got Moxie, B: Irene Balla, O: Cheri Testen


Best Sexually Altered

Ch Varazs Napkete Tyrone CD RAE CGN, B/O: Sylvia Dorosh


Best Brace

GCh Ourdream’s Wheel of Fortune FDJ, GCh Ourdream’s Red Sky at Night FDJ

B/O: Kevin & Mary-Ellen Harvey


Best Brood Bitch

Ch Ourdream’s Xena Warrior Princess CGN FDJ, B/O: Kevin & Mary-Ellen Harvey


Field Dog

GCh Ourdream’s Red Sky at Night FDJ, B/O: Kevin & Mary-Ellen Harvey


Field Bitch

Ch Lienroc Riversong Echo FDJ, B/O: Terri & Greg Corneil




Best in Wirehair Specialty

Ch Zoldmali Cetli, dog, B: Zoldmali Kennels, O: Anton Sagh


Best of Opposite Sex/Winners Bitch/Best Puppy

Vizcaya’s Moonshine Tipsy, B: Nancy Edmunds, O: Irene Balla


Reserve Winner Bitch

Point of Honor Miss Ellie, B: Todd McLean, O: Cheri Testen


Puppy Sweepstakes Results 


Best in Sweepstakes – Witzke’s Crumpet is All’s Well That Ends Well, Owner: Denis Witzke

Best of Opposite Sex in Sweepstakes – Witzke’s Midsummer Night’s Dream of Truffles, Owner: Denis Witzke


Best in Wirehair Sweepstakes – Zoldmali Maika, Owner: Regina Gasselsdorfer


Veteran Sweepstakes Results


Best in Veteran Sweepstakes – Ferngold Dashing Dexter FDJ, Owner: Magda Iglewski & Rob Gauthier


Best of Opposite Sex in Veteran Sweepstakes – Ch Ourdream’s Xena Warrior Princess CGN FDJ, Owner: Kevin & Mary-Ellen Harvey


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