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2016 Fall Field Test Results

Our judges for the fall field test on October 2-3 weekend were: Mark O’Donnell, Tammy Parris, Dennis Penuta and VSO’s, Craig McDonald. Gunners were Ed Gacnik, Sam Ghazysiawash and VSO member Bill Gurney. The rest of our volunteer crew were VSO members. Bird planting was handled by Gary Krammer and Laura Wright. Our catering team was Marcia McNabb and Lynda Friendly and our omnipresent and always efficient marshal was Debbie McDonald. Many, many thanks to each and every one of these folks for volunteering their time and skills to make the event so successful! Field tests require a LOT of effort on the days of the tests and we simply would not be able to offer these events without volunteer efforts. So once again, our volunteers rock!!

We had 4 Vizsla entries on Saturday and 1 on Sunday (also present on Saturday). All were Field Dog Jr. entries and all went home ‘in the ribbons’ with qualifying and excellent scores. Congratulations to all of them!! Three are VSO members and two of them - Micheline Higgins and Marcia McNabb - were handling for the first time and they did a great job! The third VSO member whose Vizsla was entered in FDJ is Bonnie Blanchard and her dog was handled by trainer Mike Wilshire.

Here are the Vizsla results:

SATURDAY OCTOBER 1, 2016, EVENT # 163398; Field Dog Jr. Class

Chakra's Louis Le Grand. Male. Breeder: Elaine Hopkins. Owners: Robert & Micheline Higgins. Score: 87/100

CH Ferngold's Royal Passion. Female. Breeder/Owner: Eileen Wilkes. Handler Marcia McNabb. Score: 85/100

Landloch's Oscar. Male. Breeder: Angie Gibson & Ron Allison. Owner: Gregory Marshall. Score: 100/100

Russett Harmony's Poppy. Female. Breeder: Mike Nelson. Owner: Bonnie Blanchard. Score: 93/100

SUNDAY OCTOBER 2, 2016, EVENT # 163399; Field Dog Jr. Class

CH Ferngold's Royal Passion. Female. Breeder/ Owner: Eileen Wilkes. Handler Marcia McNabb. Score: 93/100

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