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2016 Specialty Show

The club held its annual Specialty show on June 5th, 2016, in conjunction with the Erie Shores Kennel Club, in Caledonia, Ont. The weather was cool and overcast but the rain graciously ended before we got started and did not start again until we were nearly finished. There was a total entry of 5 in sweepstakes, and 3 in Veteran Sweepstakes. The regular show consisted of 22 in Smooths and 3 in Wirehairs, with 5 baby puppies.

Our Sweepstakes judge was Tammy Parris from Ancaster, Ont. Our specialty judge was Frank Washabaugh from New Jersey. They both did a great job sorting out so many beautiful dogs.

Secretary Lynda Friendly welcomed everyone before the show started, reminding the visitors of the raffle, put together by Jeanette Simpson, and the lunch which was available throughout the show. We also had a cake for everyone to enjoy celebrating the club’s 40th anniversary.

Although the entry was down significantly from past years, it was still a good turnout and everyone in attendance enjoyed themselves. Trophies were well received and the ring steward kept everything moving smoothly.

Huge congratulations to the owners and breeders of our 2016 Smooth Vizsla Specialty Show winners! This year, every dog was either bred or owned (or both in some cases) by a VSO member!!!!

Judge: Frank Washabaugh, New Jersey


Best of Breed – GCh Witzke’s Midsummer Night’s Dream of Truffles (dog) B/O Dennis Witzke

Best of Opposite Sex – GCH Lienroc Riversong Echo FDJ (bitch) B/O Terri & Greg Corneil

Select Dog –GCH Bonneterre Africa Zeus FDJ B/O Ray Rowan

Select Bitch- CH Ferngold Royal Passion B: Eileen Wilkes O: Eileen Wilkes, Marcia McNabb

Award of Merit - CH Ferngold Royal Sterling (dog) B/O Eileen Wilkes

Best of Winners/Winners Bitch – Mywish Stellar B: Caroline Lafleur, Jacqueline Veillette O: Jennifer Bennett

Winners Dog – Calabri Legend of Perseus B: Tina Tanzi O: Tina Tanzi, Jeff & Paula Demacio

Best Puppy – Dreamvizslas This Little Girl (bitch) B/O Cheri Testen

Best Baby Puppy – Bonneterre Sassy Lady (bitch) B: Ilana Katz O: Ray Rowan

Best Field Dog – Bonneterre Rip Blaze Copper FDJ B: Ray Rowan O: Daniel Bennett

Judge: Tammy Parris, Ancaster, ON



Sweepstakes Best of Breed- Vizslavilla’s Remy Martin B: Irene Balla O: Mark Clem

Sweepstakes Best of Opposite Sex- Bonneterre Sassy Lady


Veteran Sweepstakes Best of Breed – CH Gardenway Lienroc Beatrice FDJ (bitch) B: Jackie Perkins O: Terri & Greg Corneil

Judge: Frank Washabaugh, New Jersey


Best of Breed – GCHEx Zoldmali Cetli (dog) B: Zoldmali Kennels O: Anton Sagh

Best of Opposite/Winners Bitch- Zoldmali Zsalya B: Zsofia Miczek O: Cheri Testen

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