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Vizsla Meet-up

October 23, 2016 gave a sizeable crowd of Vizsla owners and dogs some lovely fall weather. It was the second meetup and walk organized by the VSO this year and this time we met at Halton agreement forests just outside of Campbellville Ontario between Guelph and Milton. Approximately 20 + members and their spouses and children along with a couple of non-members drove from various locales to join in for almost a two hour hike. I know I will miss some names so won’t try to list them. You know who you are!

The Halton agreement forests are very popular places for hikers, bikers and dog walkers and there are miles of unmarked side trails. I’ve gotten lost there a couple of times so we stuck to the main trail which stretches about 6 KM there and back. We were able to let our dogs off leash after we entered the forest and despite a few growls between a couple of males, everyone got along fine. Two puppies joined in the fun as well as a couple of Vizsla wannabees.

It was great to connect and reconnect with members. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a board member to organize one of these meet ups! Feel free to post a date, time and meet up place on our Facebook page ( and get the word out! I’m sure there will be plenty of people who will love to join in.

Thanks to everyone who joined us that day! Let’s do it again soon!


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