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Website Updates - Archives Complete!

FINALLY! The entire VSO archives of minutes dating back to 1976 are now available for viewing in the Members' Area. There are 43 years worth (yes!) of meeting minutes and other documents from these years which members can peruse. The only year for which we have nothing is 2008. A few years are very sketch while some have a lot of meeting minutes and other documents.

Starting in 2015 when I became President and also after I took over and built a new website, I began filling the VSO's website with just about everything relating to club business and activities. I truly hope members will appreciate both having this information available as well as the untold hours that have gone into making these historical documents accessible. This wouldn't have been possible without the initial efforts of long-time Board Member Sharon Faulds who scanned scores and scores of pages from old minutes. The scanned pages then had to be converted from JPGs into PDFs, and subsequently merged and compressed before being uploaded to our website.

Old newsletter may be the next initiative although that's a huge, huge undertaking. Don't hold your breath however!!

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