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Missing Vizsla in Markham ON

Duncan, a 7-yr old Vizsla with a sugar-face but friendly demeanour, is still missing - Markham, Ontario, CANADA.( MacKenzie Drive and Warden Ave just off the Cachet Parkway). Markham is east of Toronto. Owner is Wayne Wong who is currently holidaying in Florida. The dog was staying with his mother-in-law and have a friend who walks Duncan & a three year old V as well. The dog bolted from the dog walker and hasn't been seen since.

The local contact number if found or a sighting is: 416-303-1717 this is Wayne's brother Tom Cheung. Or his breeder, Heidi Wilkins at 616 550 5452. Or contact York Regional Police at (866) 876-5423.

They have people searching. Duncan comes from Heidi Wilkins in Michigan and has only been with the Wong family for just over a year. He is friendly and calm, but likes being at home. Please come home Duncan!

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