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2018 Tibor Reiter Award Recipient

Congratulations to VSO member Corinne Sellars and her Vizsla "Bodi" for being the recipients of the 2018 Tibor Reiter Award.

CKC GCH, UKC BIS CH, ABI BIS Varazs Mokany Kiralyi Orban FDJ, CGN, AG.N., AG.N.J., JT, CAX, NS, CKC/AKC RN, JH, BN, CAT, TKP, NAVHDA NA PZ I (112/112), URO1, CAS, UNJ, PT-5, NNI, TDCH


Breeder: Sylvia T. Dorosh. Owners: Corinne Sellars and Sylvia Dorosh

Bodi collage

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