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Website Updates & Changes

Periodically, I like to have fun and change up the design of the site. Very easy to do with our Wix design software. So it looks different today - if you happen to notice!

Other things I've done in the past couple of days are:

  • Added several photos of Tibor Reiter award recipients from the 1990's, 2002 "Fila", 2004 "Baron", 2006 Pele, and 2008 "Saga".

  • Restructured the Tibor Reiter award pages into FOUR pages so there is now one for each decade from the time the award was first handed out (1980).

Members' Area (restricted to those who are paid-up members in good standing):

  • Restructured the archives and combined years to minimize the number of tabs to click. In the earlier years where the archival documents are fewer in number, e.g., the 1990's, I combined three years of documents into a single page. Note: we have nothing for 2008. It hasn't been missed; we simply have no archival documents from that year.

  • Moved all the Vizsla Voice (club newsletters) and created a single tab / page for them.

  • Created links for the 2012 newsletters on the new Newsletters page.

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