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2018 Rescue Calendar

NEWS FLASH! Calendars will be ready to be bought and picked up at our Fun Day (Oct. 15th) and will start to ship next week.

Our 2018 Rescue Calendar has gone to print! This is the 23rd annual rescue calendar produced by the VSO. We are so grateful to the many members who submitted their gorgeous photos this year because without them, this calendar wouldn't be possible. And thanks to so many members who voted on their favourites to pick our 12 monthly 'pin-up' Vizslas and our cover Vizsla!

If you're coming to our October 15th Fun Day, you can pick yours up there. You can preorder and prepay. The price is the same if you're picking your up or if it's being shipped but pickups will save the club money which will mean more dollars in our Rescue Fund. The price to the general public is $23. Members' price is $18 and you save more if you buy 5. Members need a coupon code so if you can't find yours in the emails that were sent out, use our contact form and we'll send it to you.


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