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Vizsla Meetup & Romp, March 11

(A photo from our meet up last fall.)

The Vizsla Play Group Ontario on Facebook has invited VSO members for a meetup & romp in Toronto, ON on March 11th. Bring your Vizslas (of course), treats, water, poop bags and your camera! Here are the details.

Date: Saturday, March 11, 2017

Time: 10 AM

Duration: 1-2 hrs

Where: Kew-Balmy Beach, Toronto

Address: Kew Beach Avenue, Toronto

Pace: Casual

Terrain: (snow fence) open areas, sand, beach, Lake Ontario

Important Stuff

Everyone will meet on the beach (on the beach and water side of the snow fence) just south of the "Kew Gardens Tennis Club." There is usually free street parking on Kew Beach Ave, Kippendavie Ave, Kenilworth Ave, etc. We will then walk west, towards a more open beach area for our fur kids to run and dig and play together.

**Please note:

1. This meet up will take place on the beach, beside the water of Lake Ontario, which is now surrounded by a snow fence. The fence is not completely secure in all areas so dogs can "escape" (especially our jumpers) if they wanted to.

2. It is sometimes colder on the beach as it is very open to the elements so you might want mitts, etc for you, and a towel for your wet fur kid if they like to swim in cold water.

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