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Congratulations to the owners of the following dogs that earned at least one passing score, and several that earned titles (3 passing scores needed for a title) at our Sept 2020 VSO Field Tests held at Ruffwood Game Farm. Quite a few Vizslas were there and did well overall!

Laura Wright was our Test Secretary and she provided this list. Thanks Laura!

Field Dog

Blaise, GSP, Cristina Ralph (new title!)

Leif, Weimaraner, Darcie Godwin

Woody, Weimaraner, Greg Newton

Field Dog Junior

Arthur, Brittany Spaniel, Craig Storey (new title!)

Kansas, English Setter, Lola Nichol

Kent, English Setter, Miroslava Vavrova (new title!)

Kobi, Smooth Vizsla, Eileen Wilkes (new title!)

Nevaeh, Smooth Vizsla, Bill Hutchings

Phoebe, Smooth Vizsla, Rachael Chadwick (new title!)

Phoenix, Smooth Vizsla, Michael Lepine

Rez, Smooth Vizsla, Sylvia Dorosh (new title!)

Rhu, Wirehaired Vizsla, Stella Barnett (new title!)

Siren, Smooth Vizsla, Mary-Ellen Harvey (new title!)

Sterling, Smooth Vizsla, Eileen Wilkes (new title!)

Trudy, Weimaraner, Fred Staub (new title!)

Viva, Smooth Vizsla, Karyn Worley (new title!)

Wallace, GSP, Deanna Glasgow (new title!)

Willow, Smooth Vizsla, Bill Hutchings


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