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VSO Tees, caps and Vizsla note cards!

Take a look at what we'll have available to buy at our Fun Day in addition to our gorgeous car magnets. T-shirts, caps, note cards and maybe more! We will have mens and ladies tees in a variety of sizes. The last time the VSO had t-shirts for sale was 2009 so they are long overdue! Be sure to get yours as quantities are limited!

VSO T-shirts

In addition to the two colours of caps shown below, we will be selling a blaze orange cap that will be suitable for our pointing dog tests and for hunting. Again, quantities are limited!

VSO Caps

Reddog Greeting Cards

These are collector items since they are no longer available commercially but the VSO has a good, although limited stock, of a large variety of greeting cards. Here are a couple of samples. They also come with envelopes and most are birthday greetings although a few contain other greetings inside. But they are simply wonderful!


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