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Our Board of Directors and Other Volunteers

Meet the hard-working and dedicated people who currently make up our elected and appointed positions. 

Historical Record of Boards from 2005 - 2017

Our Executive

President, Sylvia Dorosh

My life with Vizslas started back in 1978 with the acquisition of an 8-month old male Vizsla.  Been a member of the VSO since the 1980's. President since May 2015.  Executive Director / President of other not-for-profits including Vizsla Canada Inc. (founding member). Member of the Vizsla Club of America, VSO & Cdn Kennel Club. Currently own 2 Vizslas and active in conformation, obedience, rally, agility, nosework and field. 

VP, Elaine Hopkins

Vizslas came into my life in 1979 and are still with me. I have been a member of the VSO since 1980.  I have held many positions on the Board over the years and have managed the Rescue program since it started in the mid 1980’s. I compete in conformation, field tests, obedience and Rally, also dabbling in tracking, barn hunt and dog scent sport.  At this time, I am bossed by 3 female Vizslas.  

The Board of Directors appointed Elaine Hopkins Vice President on April 17th.

Treasurer - Marcia McNabb

This is my 2nd two year term on the board after joining in 2015 to take on the role of Treasurer.  I'm a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and Chartered Accountant (CA) and have worked for the last 10 years as VP, Finance for a not-for-profit arts festival in Toronto.  I’ve also served as Treasurer on other not-for-profit boards. We've been owned and loved by three Vizslas since 2005 - "the girls"- Georgia, Callebaut and Willa.  Currently, I participate with Willa in a number of dog activities in particular, conformation, field, and agility but I’ve also tried out rally obedience and scent work - anything to keep a 2 year old Vizsla busy. 

Secretary - Lynda Friendly

I have been a proud member of the VSO since 2009, the year my precious Vizsla, “Sherman”, came into my life.  Since then, I have attended most Annual General Meetings and Fun Days.  I held senior executive positions at Cineplex Odeon Corporation, Tourism Toronto (Chairman of the Board), The Design Exchange (President and CEO), and other corporations and sit on several boards.  This is my second term in office on the Board.    

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Our Directors

Lois Brown - Director

I am a certified Project Management Professional and Vizsla nut. I came across this beautiful breed when researching for the best dog for a running partner. This is my first term on the board of directors. In my professional life I work in the Telecommunications industry as a Manager of the Program office.

Caroline Davis - Director

I was introduced to my first Vizsla in 2005 and my life has been an ongoing adventure ever since.  I am retired now and have settled with my husband and 2 dogs.  I've done volunteer work for a non-profit organization in the past (many different positions for community care), office management work including accounting, and have web management skills. We own a piece of property with over 50 acres.  I hunt with my dogs and LOVE this breed.

Leslie McCormick - Director

I have been a teacher for 31 years and enjoy coaching a variety of sports at my school.  My background also includes volunteer experience as the treasurer and board member of another non-profit organization.  I have always been a dog lover, starting off at age ten with a West Highland Terrier and acquiring my first Vizsla in 2003.  

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Other Volunteer Positions

Assistant Editor - Teresa Brown

Teresa is a retired English teacher and does English tutoring/copy editing.  She has 1 male Vizsla named "Tuz". She started in this position in December 2017.

Assistant Editor - Dee Cotter

Dee started in this position in December 2017. She's owned by 2 female Vizslas named Aspen and Willow.

Editor - Sylvia Dorosh

Editor of the Vizsla Voice in the 1990s and since 2009.

Layout Artist - Julie Donnell

Although Julie isn't a VSO member, she graciously volunteered to be our newsletter layout artist and has been doing it since 2015.  She does happen to be 'owned by' Vizslas.

Membership - Patti Callahan

Patti joined the VSO in 2013 and now takes care of our Membership files and mails out our newsletters.  Her family includes one “redhead” aptly named “Mr. Red”. 

Obi Field Award Coordinator - Caroline Davis

Caroline is also a Director for the VSO.

Tibor Reiter Award Coordinator - Kimberly David

Kim became involved with Vizslas and the VSO in 2002 and has participated in conformation, field tests, agility, rally obedience and dabbled in dock diving. She has previously served as a board member for the VSO and is now the club’s Awards Coordinator.  Her first Vizsla named "Spirit" won the Tibor Reiter trophy in 2011. She’s currently owned by 2 Vizslas.

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