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Saturday, Jun 7

Each year the VSO holds at least one Specialty Show. These are held in conjunction with a conformation show. The show is usually well attended by members and non-members from not just Ontario but also Quebec and several northeastern states.

Erie Shores Kennel Club
Caledonia Fairgrounds, 51 Caithness Street East, Caledonia, Ontario

Three Specialties!
Friday: Ontario All Pointing Breed
Saturday: Vizsla Society of Ontario
Sunday: Vizsla Canada

VSO Sweeps Judge: Gordon Hayburn, Ont. • VSO Specialty Judge: Patricia Nemirovsky, Argentina

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Saturday, Jun 21

The Fun Day is the VSO’s annual day of fun activities for members, friends and family... and their Vizslas! It is also a great way for prospective Vizsla owners to get to know the breed better. There are usually 50 or more attendees over the course of the day, and even more Vizslas!
• Multitudes of Vizslas running and swimming together!
• Fun activities for you and your dog!
• Potluck picnic luncheon!
• Raffle with all kinds of great items!

and it usually starts around 10:30am
Contact: Nancy Langen at nlangen@rogers.com

Fun Day
Fun Day
Fun Day

Rowdy has found his forever home.

Thanks everyone for all your interest and concern. Looks like Rowdy has found his forever home.

Here is the original story: