Adopt "Whiskey"

Whiskey is a six-year old, neutered male Vizsla born March 29, 2016.  He came into our rehoming program because he was reactive to the sight and sound of a family's infant and also tended to guard the female owner over her partner.  Whiskey was bred by a backyard breeder who was not interested in taking him back or helping the owners.


"Whiskey is more reactive/unsure on-leash than off.  On leash he is friendly, but it can't be a forced introduction and you can tell with his body language if he wants to say hi. Off leash he's always interested in saying hi to everyone. Whiskey is night and day between us and when he is at day care.  He plays with dogs at daycare that he will react to when on leash with us. He has no issues at the vet and has been boarded with no issues. He does not like to be approached when sleeping or cuddling.  He tends to guard us when cuddling with us and does not like someone approaching. He will react with a bark and lunge.  While sleeping on the couch he will give a growl if he doesn't want to be petted."


Between 2017 and 2019, there were several minor incidents involving Whiskey's teeth; two resulted in punctures but they did not require stitches.  These incidents mainly occured when Whiskey had an item of high value and didn't want to give it up, and situations when he was on the couch and was 'guarding' his female owner.  Resource guarding is a natural instinct in dogs; humans are not so fond of this behaviour and so knowledgeable and experienced owners and trainers teach dogs not to feel threatened by exchanging something of higher value and also employing the "Nothing in Life is Free" training method.  The NILIF method teaches the dog to work for everything including attention, the opportunity to get up on couches, etc.  Unfortunately, Whiskey's original owners weren't experienced or prepared to deal with this and were concerned for their newbord.  However, the original owners managed him well and there were no attempts to bite between 2019 and 2022.

From August of 2021 to early 2022, Whiskey was boarded / fostered with Whiskey's dogsitter in Toronto.  She has reported that Whiskey to be a very different dog with her and during her care with other dogs that she sat, Whiskey was very good!   Whiskey was then adopted out in March 2022 but the family did not adhere to any of the guidelines and boundaries provided by the foster and as a result, Whiskey nipped / attempted to bite 3 times and he was returned to us.  Another bite incident resulted from the temporary foster reaching to pet Whiskey on the head while Whiskey lay on his bed. 


What we have learned / know about Whiskey.

  • Whiskey is good and very, very sweet 99.9% of the time.  He is charming and can fool his new family into thinking he's perfect, although he sometimes isn't.

  • He is incredibly affectionate, extremely well toilet trained, very good with commands, eager to learn.

  • He is very smart. He's so cute and learns quickly. He is extremely house trained. Doesn’t destroy any furniture or belongings. Takes treats very gently.

  • On walks he's not reactive to other dogs who have been aggressive with him. 

  • He bonds quickly.  It's vital that he meets new owners at the same time so that he bonds with all if he goes to a household with more than 1 adult.

  • He greets his foster with his toy in his mouth, and is a totally Velcro Vizsla with him.

  • If children come to visit, he must be penned (he's not good with crates).

  • He doesn't like sudden movements from humans, especially reaching down to his head when he is on his bed or on anything he views as 'his'.

  • Meet and greets must be done on his own time and terms and not forced.

We are looking for a home with very experienced owners (preferably previous Vizsla owners) who know how to positively deal with resource guarding and who are willing to employ the Nothing In Life Is Free / Learn to Earn program with him.  The use of a Treat and Train remote treat dispensing training system is strongly recommended to decrease Whiskey feeling threatened by people or dogs walking near him.

The adoption fee is $300. 

  • DOB March 29, 2016

  • 6 years old

  • Male

  • Neutered

  • Weight: 26.7 kg or about 58 lb

  • Microchipped

  • White patch on the top of his head

  • Registered with the Cdn Kennel Club

More About Whiskey:
  • Vaccines are up-to-date

  • House trained

  • Does not like being crated

  • Rides well in vehicles

Whiskey's Ideal Home:
  • Experienced Vizsla or sporting dog owners who are willing to work on building Whiskey's confidence and reducing his fear 

  • Quiet home with large yard or access to trails

  • Daily exercise 

  • Absolutely NO babies or young children

  • Adults-only home - ideally only 1-2 adults in the home