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Microchips need contact info

We recently learned of a senior-looking Vizsla which somehow became separated from her family in Toronto Ontario and ended up at the door of dog-lover who turned the Vizsla over to a vet who in turn shifted the dog to the Toronto Animal Services. The dog had a microchip but it contained NO contact info so it was a couple of days before the dog's humans were located and the dog was reunited. Fortunately, this had a happy ending but it could have turned out very differently.

Some people wondered how they could update their contact info on a microchip. For dogs with microchips registered with the Canadian Kennel Club, contact CanadaChip . Call 1-800-396-1896.…/F…/Forms/Other-Website-Forms/CANADACHIP

There is also a paid service that will register a wide variety of microchips. The link is

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