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Field of Red

Imagine 15 wirehaired and smooth-coated Vizlas, both young and mature in an open field with a box of homing pigeons not far off. This was a reality for 26 proud Vizsla owners on April 17th at Ruffwood Game Farm, Cayuga Ontario, who came together for the first VSO hunting seminar. With years of infinite wisdom, Mike Wilshire, Ruffwood’s owner and proprietor, and Craig McDonald, VSO member and CKC Pointing Dog judge, generously supported the VSO to provide a unique, hands-on training workshop for many of our members and several non-members as well to test the waters of their dogs’ natural drive for birds.

Each participant had the opportunity to learn some leash manors, understand the importance of your dog being aware of your location, an in-depth walk through a Field Dog Jr. Field Test scenario, see their dogs methodically approach a bird (for the first time) and, best of all, the free-run at the end of the day.

I would like to take a moment to recognize and thank each and every participant who came out. This was our first hunting seminar and your enthusiasm and patience was greatly appreciated. Your feedback will be useful and implemented in our future events.

This of course could not have materialized without the assistance of our volunteers and club members who provided their time and encouragement, Mary-Ellen Harvey, Janice Wolff, Terri Corneil, Craig McDonald and last but not least the stellar work in the field provided by Kerry the pointer and Hank the Vizsla. A huge appreciation to Mike, Donna and Leah Wilshire for providing us with the perfect venue and supplying the birds.

I hope to see you and your dog out in the field again soon.

Emily Moon, VSO Director

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