Meet "Whiskey"


Whiskey is a five-year old, neutered male Vizsla born March 29, 2016.  His owner asked the VSO to accept him into their rehoming program since Whiskey was reactive to the sight and sound of their then 3-month baby.  Whiskey came from a backyard breeder who was not interested in taking him back.


"Whiskey is more reactive/unsure on-leash than off.  On leash he is friendly, but it can't be a forced introduction and you can tell with his body language if he wants to say hi. Off leash he's always interested in saying hi to everyone. Whiskey is night and day between us and when he is at day care.  He plays with dogs at daycare that he will react to when on leash with us. He has no issues at the vet and has been boarded with no issues. He does not like to be approached when sleeping or cuddling.  He tends to guard us when cuddling with us and does not like someone approaching. He will react with a bark and lunge.  While sleeping on the couch he will give a growl if he doesn't want to be petted."


Between 2017 and 2019, there were several minor incidents involving Whiskey's teeth; two resulted in punctures but they did not require stitches.  These incidents mainly occured when Whiskey had an item of high value and didn't want to give it up, and situations when he was on the couch and was 'guarding' his female owner.  The owners became increasingly afraid that he would eventually bite their baby.  The very good news is that Whiskey has not bitten or attempted to bite any people since May 2019. 

From August of 2021, Whiskey has been boarded / fostered with Whiskey's dogsitter in Toronto.  She has reported that Whiskey is a very different dog with her.  There was one incident that involved a very active puppy that wouldn't leave Whiskey alone. The puppy did not back down, and Whiskey disciplined it with a growl and resulting minor graze.  Whiskey acted like a normal dog would and we do not blame Whiskey for reacting in this manner.  The resource guarding behaviour is a different matter and work must continue to reduce Whiskey's fears.  So we are looking for a home with experienced owners (preferably previous Vizsla owners) who know how to positively deal with resource guarding and who are willing to employ the Nothing In Life Is Free / Learn to Earn program with him. 

The adoption fee is $300. 

  • DOB March 29, 2016

  • 5 years old

  • Male

  • Neutered

  • Weight: 26.7 kg or about 58 lb

  • Microchipped

  • White patch on the top of his head

  • Registered with the Cdn Kennel Club

More About Whiskey:
  • House trained

  • Does not like being crated

  • Two VSO members visited Whiskey on different occasions; the first time, it was to observe Whiskey around food (we recommended that the owner go back to hand feeding Whiskey to reduce / eliminate good guarding); the second time, it was outdoors with the owners and baby in front of their house and Whiskey was extremely friendly

Whiskey's Ideal Home:
  • Experienced Vizsla or sporting dog owners who can continue working on building Whiskey's confidence and reducing his resource guarding

  • Daily exercise and lots of TLC

  • No babies or young children

  • Preferably adults-only home