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Meet "Lenny"

Lenny is currently being fostered and trained by VSO Member Julie Sansregret, owner, manager and chief instructor at Complexe Multisport GUIDES CANINS, AAC-CKC agility judge, Canine Good Citizen evaluator, and Vizsla breeder - Kihivas Vizslas in St. Lazare PQ, west of Montreal, Quebec. 


NOTE: This dog is not part of the VSO's rehoming program.  Occasionally we help our members to place Vizslas.  All queries are to go directly to Julie.  Please read her write-up below. 

I’m looking for a dedicated, active and understanding adoptive family for a 2.5 yr. old, neutered male Vizsla. This is not a dog from my breeding. He is a good client’s dog that I am training and fostering. He is now ready to find a new loving home that will fulfill his special needs. Lenny is busy but now knows how to stop. He loves to play with dogs, and tolerates older and predictable children. He is super clean (never has an accident) and totally crate trained. His favorite activity is running and hunting birds and chasing squirrels!


Ideally, his new family would be able to provide and offer him:

  • Stability and predictability;

  • A non-confrontational relationship so he can bond, rely and have total confidence in someone (he gets suspicious of strangers and could express defensive behavior like poking... He never bit anyone!);

  • Regular routine and exercise like running loose in the forest daily. Knowing that he won't necessarily come when called but will always stick around and will definitely come when he is done! ;-)

  • Vigilant observation and prevention of some problematic moments (mostly being busy, sometime destructive of objects and reactive to less predictable moments) by reminding him to go on his bed to settle or putting him in his crate;


And this family would be ready to accept, respect and understanding that:

  • He lives in his own world and he does not connect much with his humans (he is not your typical Velcro Vizsla...);

  • He can learn stuff but has trouble concentrating for long periods or for a specific task;

  • He has a medical condition diagnosed by a Veterinarian Specialized in Behavioral Medicine: Anxiety (but not separation anxiety!) mostly shown as progressive and excessive attention seeking behavior and hypersensitivity syndrome which translate to low attention span, hyper reactivity to different stimuli, non-stop and ongoing behavioral sequences.

  • He needs medical follow ups once a year and daily medication;

  • His behavior problem is NOT because he is a “pandemic puppy”. He is well-bred, he is not not loved, not trained, not socialized and he was not neglected. He is just a special edition! ;-)


Would you like more information?   Feel free to email Julie at julie@ {remove space}


Do you think your family would be a good candidate to ensure Lenny's well-being?  If yes, please fill out this questionnaire:

Merci!  Thank you!
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