Meet "Stanley"

Stanley was adopted in 2018! Thanks for your interest.
Stanley (DOB 09-16-2017) is a very sweet one-year-old male Vizsla with special needs. He was born with some physical and neurological challenges but that doesn’t seem to slow him down.  His original owner returned Stanley to the breeder, Tina Tanzi of Calabri Vizslas, due to personal circumstances.  Tina is now looking for a new home for this  loving special needs Vizsla.  Stanley is currently located in the Midland area of Ontario (N of Barrie and Orillia).

Stanley’s strengths:
*Crate trained
*House trained
*Great at night -bedtime
*Good recall 
*Good ‘leave it’
*Loves to play
*Great with other dogs
*Loves ‘safe’ off leash hiking

Stanley’s weaknesses:
*Mouthy -but soft
*Gets distracted
*Can fixate (smells, food)
*Counter surfer
*Jumps up
*Coordination (stairs) - He does stairs but needs help descending long set of slippery hardwood stairs, especially if he’s sleepy. 

Stanley’s needs:
*Positive, repetitive training & redirection
*Lots of playtime
*(Brain games & Physical exercise)
*Another dog for fun and guidance
*Rural setting or big yard
*Someone home during the day 
*Lots of love

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