Meet "Griffin"

Thanks to all who have expressed interest in or applied to adopt Griffin. Due to the volume of applications received, we are no longer accepting any more at this time.

Update - Griffin was adopted in November 2018 by a Vizsla-owning family and he is no longer available.  Thanks for your interest!
Griffin is a good looking, good natured 6.5 year-old neutered male Vizsla located in Southampton ON who needs a new home due to changing lifestyle and work demands of his current family. Griffin has been previously rehomed but his current family has owned him for three years and adores him.  They are heart broken but feel that it would be in Griffin's best interests to rehome him where he will get more attention, time and love.
Due to renovations, Griffin is currently staying with their dog-sitter who has a Labrador and a cat and they get along well. The owners hope to find a placement by December 1st to minimize the trauma on Griffin of being moved more than necessary. 
Do you think you would be able to offer Griffin what he needs in a loving home?
  • DOB March 15, 2012 (updated)
  • About 6.75 years old
  • Male
  • Neutered
  • Approximate height at withers - 27"
  • Approximate weight - 60 lb
  • Dewclaws
  • Full-length tail
About Griffin:
  • Sweet and loving
  • Loves to be physically close to his peeps & can be a little clingy
  • Knows sit, stay, lay down, in your bed and come
  • Pretty good at his commends but there are times he doesn’t listen - but what dog is perfect?
  • 6 week Basic Manners puppy training at Superdog Central
  • No other formal obedience training but he knows the basics
  • Crate trained & house trained
  • Can be trusted to be left loose in the house while owners are out
  • Has never destroyed anything
  • Loves biking, beach & trail walks and swimming
  • Gets along well with older kids, dogs (once he's got to know them) and even cats!
  • A little shy & submissive when meeting new dogs but then warms up to them if they are good natured
  • Somewhat fearful of thunderstorms and quite afraid of fireworks
  • Not keen on having his nails done so a groomer has been doing them

Griffin's Ideal Home:
  • Someone at home much of the time (retired or working from home) to give him more attention and exercise
  • Experienced Vizsla owners
  • Daily exercise and lots of TLC
  • Older children or no kids
  • Confidence building training (e.g., fun stuff like trick training, or rally obedience)
  • Won't feed him chicken-based food but something like turkey and sweet potato; he's currently being fed - Performatrin Ultra turkey and sweet potato
  • Will be able to adopt him before December 1st so he won't be traumatized by returning to his family and then being uprooted to a new home

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